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Following the company’s recent move to Southampton, Sevenist’s Gus Daniels has shared how the sales and marketing experts are planning complete domination of the industry, starting with the southern market.


Since its inception, Sevenist has been known as a firm with big plans, and in keeping with that reputation, since arriving in new territory the company has been vocal about their intentions to take the South of England by storm.


In order to achieve this, Mr Daniels has been teaching his team of passionate entrepreneurs how to break out of their comfort zone and reach their ultimate goal, no matter how ambitious it may be. Sevenist implement coaching and mentoring systems for all new contractors from the moment they join the business. This approach to personal development originates from the company’s strong belief in the importance of nurturing the next generation of business owners.


In recent motivational meetings, self-made mogul Mr Daniels has been using himself as a prime example of how escaping your comfort zone can pay off. Inspired by his move from London – the city he has lived in his entire life – to the smaller city of Southampton, during which time the business owner has seen for himself the significant benefit of getting out of your comfort zone and how it can help individuals progress and reach their full potential.

In the hope of encouraging his team of top talent to escape their comfort zone and dominate their new post in the Southampton market, Mr Daniels outlined the following tips in a company-wide seminar:

Avoid choosing the “safe” choice
There are always two options, Mr Daniels explains, “One is the safe choice, the other is the risky one. Often-times the riskier choice is one that will teach you the most and provide the opportunity to grow the most, so go for it!”


Consider all points of view

The CEO believes a little healthy debate never hurt anyone and for that reason, it is important to surround yourself with smart and insightful people who may disagree with you on certain subjects in the interest of learning more about yourself. It could perhaps even lead you to re-examine your beliefs and approach to work.


Say “Yes” more often

Sevenist believe this is a great approach to live by in every aspect of your life but in particular, your professional life. Saying YES opens up new and exciting opportunities that could result in discovering you enjoy something you never got the chance to explore earlier.


Go for something you are afraid of

Mr Daniels encouraged his contractors to ask themselves “Does this scare me?” when faced with new opportunities and unknown territories. If the answer is a resounding yes, it is important to do it. Put simply, taking on things you are afraid of is how you conquer fears of the unknown. Ride that energy and it will undoubtedly result in feelings of great accomplishment.


Sevenist provides their clients with a flexible approach to marketing that can be tailored to match any brand or industry. The firm’s highly trained and professional contractors ensure that the consumer experience is of the highest quality and personalised to increase the business relationship between the brand and customer.


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