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Sevenist, a London based sales specialist, is keen for young businesses to prepare for the first two years of business, to ensure they don’t become a statistic.

With as many as two-thirds of businesses collapsing within their first two years of business, Sales specialists Sevenist are urging entrepreneurs to failproof their business model.  Forcing business owners to anticipate a rollercoaster ride, and have strategies set in place for when obstacles arise.  Business longevity is the goal for all new start-ups and with odds stacking in favour of survival the longer the business has been open, the firm is keen to share their top tips on making it through the first few years.

Sevenist reveals 6 steps to stand firm in the face of significant business obstacles:

  1. Expect challenges and make contingency plans. Challenges arise to work out the weak. Markets aren’t big enough for every business to succeed. Therefore, new start-up owners should set up contingency plans surrounding, staffing, material resources and failed profit projections.
  2. Anticipate changes and adapt appropriately. Consumers are an everchanging variable, and it is vital to success to collect data and analyse behaviour’s so to project future needs and desires of current consumers. Businesses need new customers all the time, so it is also crucial to determine ways for solutions to be offered in new markets.
  3. Don’t Overlook the importance of having a ground team. As businesses rely heavily on digital data, many businesses overlook the importance of having a human presence on the ground. Sales forces no longer have to be expensive, with many outsourcing solutions readily available companies large and small have no excuse.
  4. Have an online presence. Consumers will automatically search for a company online when they are interested in a product or service. Websites should be clean and easy to navigate, with simple purchasing and contact options. And every brand should have a social media presence to share the companies, values and add personality.
  5. Stay focused on business competition. Be one step ahead, figure out their processes and go the extra mile when strategizing consumer experience.
  6. Upgrade your business knowledge. Knowledge is power, take time every day to learn something new. Use free resources such as webinars, Ted Talks, and online literature.

Gus Daniel’s of Sevenist urges business owners to follow his advice and be prepared from the offset to ensure the best businesses aren’t lost due to adequate planning.

Based in London, Sevenist is a creative sales and marketing firm working with some of the UK’s biggest brands.  The company is an outsourcing solution for brands looking to give their customers a personalised buying experience.


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