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With one of London’s fastest growing marketing agencies, Sevenist has revealed their 5 steps to promotion guide, for anyone looking to accelerate their career through promotion.

Based in North London, the sales and marketing specialists are offering businesses big and small the opportunity to alleviate the stress of a ground level sales force.  Consumers are craving face to face interaction a resource that if poorly executed can become a drain on resources that offers minimal ROI.  Sevenist’s face to face approach forges long-lasting connections with customers ad brand leading to a sustainable future.  The firm is confident their non-seniority culture attributes to their success, the commitment to professional progression allows anyone looking to gain control of their career and inspires work ethic and pride in performance.

Sevenist reveals their top five tips to fast track to promotion:


Do tons of research

Become an expert on everything to do with a client. Confidence can be built from knowledge and understanding of solutions offered through products and services. Sevenist run workshops centred around product knowledge and customer care each week, these sessions are run throughout the week in an informal and fun learning environment.



Taking on additional responsibilities is a way to showcase or learn new skills. By offering above and beyond services, individuals can quickly create a personal brand that shows business leaders they are serious about getting ahead in their careers.


No gossip policy

Be sure to keep a professional approach when in work. Gossiping about co-workers is a dangerous game for anyone looking to progress. Focus on developing new skills and improving personal brand, instead of focussing on the faults of others.


Attitude, attitude, and more attitude

A positive mental approach are inspiring to other, a fundamental trait in a leader. Sevenist encourages their contractors to practice a positive attitude when faced with adverse conditions.


Assess your performance

By keeping a log of projects throughout a working career, it will offer an insight into areas where personal development may enhance performance. A detailed plan of action for the following week will allow development rate to accelerate and promotion to occur naturally. Find a mentor or accountability partner within the business to keep development on track and within areas that gain leverage when applying for a promotion.


Sevenist will maintain their no-seniority approach as they look to inspire personal growth in their contractors.  They urge anyone looking to fast-track a career to book an appointment with the firm to find out about current opportunities available.