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Meet Augustine Daniels

CEO, Sevenist

As my experience has grown, I have been able to attribute personal growth and success to my passion of assisting others in reaching their goals. This year I will be focussing on mentoring up-and-coming businessmen and women, helping them pave their way to success.

At Sevenist, we offer an opportunity for all to benefit from free workshops based on skills needed in small business ownership. My entrepreneurship journey started in the sales and marketing industry. Initially, I started out with the intention of enhancing skills for my CV. After a few months, I realised I had a fantastic opportunity to develop my own business, managing my team and working with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Sevenist has allowed me to work with brands that match my personal values, and this has maximised my experience so far. I am offering those looking to enhance their skills and develop a career in sales and marketing to contact me directly through LinkedIn.