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Entrepreneurship in the UK is on the rise according to new research from retail bank Aldermore, and sales and marketing specialists Sevenist have hailed the impressive ambitions of their fellow Brits.

Media sources are reporting a staggering 1 in 10 UK workers will be testing their skills in some form of self-employed opportunity this year. Sevenist are proud of UK workers demonstrating such confidence and bravery by ‘going it alone’, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The North London-based firm provide clients with an efficient solution to customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty – an offering they firmly believe is recession-proof. By association, the rise in self-employed workers created through this new wave of British entrepreneurship will also strengthen local economies by increasing competition and revenue raised through taxes.

The new research showed that 20% of UK workers were unhappy with current or previous employment conditions, and this sparked an overwhelming desire to become their own boss at some stage in their lives. The age group demonstrating the most unhappiness is the 25-34-year-old bracket, with their biggest motivator being increased earning capacity.

Sevenist are committed to offering opportunities to self-motivated individuals, with independent contractor placements frequently available. The firm will offer enrichment opportunities in the form of mentoring services and free workshops designed to educate entrepreneurs looking to gain a foothold in the market.

“We want to build on our reputation of cultivating entrepreneurs in the local area. The future will be bright in the Angel community if the developing entrepreneurs continue to generate a diverse and ambitious business world – and we want to be a part of it,” stated a spokesperson for the firm.


Sevenist works with some of the UK’s most popular brands, and utilising a team of contractors, they can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for a brand within any industry to offer a personalised approach to their customer buying experience.


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