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The Southampton-based firm is celebrating following the recent report that Southampton is ranked as in the top 15 of UK cities with the fastest growing consumer sector.

As part of their 2018 growth strategy, Sevenist, an experienced sales and marketing firm, opened their doors to a new market. After serving businesses in North London for two years, Southampton was their next destination. As a city leading innovation Southampton has been ranked 15th in a poll measuring consumer sector growth. It came as no surprise to the firm when a report produced for the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), named Southampton has one of the fastest growing consumer sectors in the UK. The firm were confident the potential the city offered consumer led business models before they set up base.

Sevenist are pleased with the published report that consumer trust is critical to economical growth.  As a consumer led business, they offer a trustworthy and proven business model to brands looking to boost both market share and retention through improved localised customer experience.

“I have always pledged my time and efforts to boosting entrepreneurial spirit in whichever market my business is in. Strong economies centre around ambitious businesses, and developing businesses need independent and determined workforces. Our Business Development Programme integrates training workshops alongside one to one mentoring to maximise the potential of our staff and contractors. It is our mission at Sevenist to promote the benefits of using both digital advances and human presence simultaneously to create a well-rounded brand image and excellent overall customer experience. Our services are second to none in the industry and our big city experience will refresh the Southampton market and inspire economic growth,” said Gus Daniels.

As a consumer-led business, this is excellent news for Sevenist as it means consumer trust is at an all time high in the city, and customers are looking for a friendly and reliable business that they can trust. Gus is certain that their exceptional service can help take the city’s consumers satisfaction to a record high, with their ability to build strong relationships with consumers and their face to face approach. Gus will now be using this news to celebrate and further reinforce the goals of his firm, which include developing young talent, whilst delivering exceptional service to consumers within Southampton and the whole of the UK.

For those looking to join the next generation of small business owners, they should contact Gus Daniels through LinkedIn or email apply@sevenist.co.uk with an up to date CV.