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Last year, the Centre for Entrepreneurs announced that new businesses reached a record high, with over 650,000 new businesses being started in the UK in 2016. With entrepreneurship seemingly on the rise, Sevenist CEO reveals his secrets on how he got his foot in the door as a successful business owner. 

In a recent interview,  Sevenist’s CEO, Gus Daniels revealed how he embarked on his journey as a young and ambitious entrepreneur.  With many young business minded men and women demonstrating great potential he wanted to share how he got started and the remarkable support, he received in a bid to inspire more people to believe in their dreams and achieve entrepreneurial success.  


Get a sales job

Entrepreneurship includes a lot of selling, from products, services and personal brand.  For anyone looking to get a good head start on entrepreneurship, it’s a great idea to find a sales opportunity that will highlight any areas that need extra development, take all training opportunities and learn different concepts to achieve the most significant impact.


Work at a small start-up

Gaining experience in leadership and the day to day running is more accessible in a small startup than a large organisation.  Take the time to network and ask questions about the early startup and obstacles that presented themselves along the way.  Also, consider the company culture and be sure to note their grievances and avoid them where possible in the future.


Learn other marketable skills

Taking into consideration the chosen industry, learn about varying departments and roles, that way hiring for those positions will run smoother and critical skills will be easier to identify reducing recruitment overheads.


Consider freelancing

Freelancing can be a great way to assess time management skills and self-discipline.  Online freelancing can also be a phenomenal way to bring in additional income and build skills that will in future accelerate success.


Move to a city filled with entrepreneurs

Cities attract businessmen and women. By networking and rubbing shoulders with like-minded individuals, budding entrepreneurs will enhance their exposure to the industry and increase opportunities.  Focus on adding value to each relationship taking time to nurture each connection and build a strong personal brand surrounding trust and integrity.


Mr Daniels offers extensive mentoring opportunities within his business where he offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop essential business skills in a supportive and challenging environment.  He wants to replicate the opportunity he was presented back when he first embarked on his journey into small business ownership.  Anyone looking for more information can visit the website or email the office direct on info@sevenist.co.uk