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Working with a robust millennial workforce, Sevenist a marketing specialist in the capital reveal why they won’t stop working with them.

Branded lazy and entitled due to their upbringing in a participation only era, Millennials (aka Gen Y) have become tarnished by many that they can’t achieve their life goals.  Sevenist a fast-growing sales specialist based in North London voice their support to what they call a hardworking and ambitious era, and reveal the reasons why they will continue to work with them. 


They take advantage of technology

The YouTube generation are quick to find answers to anything they are unsure of doing themselves.  Being brought up using the internet and technology daily, Millennials are capable of gaining leverage through the effective selection of resources to support a project or task.


They have side hustles

In a world with skyrocketing living costs have forced millennials to become more resourceful. Even those with full-time jobs have found it necessary to add in additional work to achieve a desirable standard of living.  Freelancing is an excellent opportunity to boost income; Millennials aren’t afraid to showcase their skills and sell them to firms looking for short-term solutions, with statistics showing that one in four millennials have secured a side hustle


They highly value productivity

Figuring out that boosting productivity efficiently gains leverage in securing contracts.  The resourceful generation is keen to find technology that will raise their capabilities.  The first generation growing up to develop social and team responsibilities from a young age have prepared them for a busy working day; typically, most arenot fazedby hectic schedules. 


Theystrategizefor productivity

92 percent of millennials keep a to-do list.  This commitment to completion of tasks boosts their production capabilities.  Millennials are smart enough to ditch the paper and instead log their to-do list in the multi-device synchronized calendar, by removing risk on forgetting or losing the list they are forcing accountability.  


The boundary between work and play is fuzzy

Working with culture conscious firms has shifted the work-life balance compared to the baby boomer generation.  Millennials are more likely to participate in company team events and choose to socialise with work colleagues more.  This also refers to increasing amounts of millennials synchronizing their devices to work systems to work remotely or after hours determined to succeed at all costs. 


They learn from failure

In an electronic world of second chances, Millennials become accustomed to failure early on.  The generation can learn quickly from their mistakes adapting strategies for a better result when they try again.

Sevenist recommends hiring Millennials to delve past the myths to uncover a generation of survivors wired to find solutions adapt to change and achieve sustainable success.