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After recently moving his company to Southampton, Managing Director of Sevenist Gus Daniels, has been tapping into the city’s large student population, with hopes of teaching new graduates how to forge a successful professional path for themselves in the sales and marketing industry.

With graduate season in full swing, the CEO has begun his search to recruit driven, motivated individuals who demonstrate competitive, sports-minded qualities. As an entrepreneur passionate about investing in young, aspiring talent, Mr. Daniels believes that it is essential to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs with the skills they need to be successful.

With this in mind, Daniels has been discussing the ways sales and marketing businesses such as his can attract top talent to their company.

The businessman recently hosted a series of workshops covering the following points to consider when recruiting graduates:

Engage in person: Inviting top talent to meet the rest of the company in person gives both parties an opportunity to build a rapport, as is a lot more productive than merely speaking over the phone or online. Being an in-person engagement leader pays off for both the leader and the recruit.

Provide opportunities to give back: Rather than simply working for a paycheck every month, providing contractors with a little something extra goes a long way. Studies have proven that contractors who feel that they are contributing to the greater good and having an impact, are more likely to stay with a company. These opportunities can also act as a great interview question since it will probably tell the business owner more about what really interests and motivates a candidate.

Let them lead: Encouraging members of the business to look out for prospective recruits who demonstrate the kind of strengths in skills the company needs and consequently rewarding those who identify and attract new talent, can be the difference between a winning company and a sinking ship.

Be thorough and be kind: Creating a robust interview process where candidates are respected and informed at every step will always result in greater success in the long run. Treating all interviewees well, both successful and unsuccessful ones will boost the company’s reputation and in turn, attract the best.

Sevenist, is an experienced sales and marketing firm in Southampton. Working with some of the UK’s biggest brands they are drafted into work as an extension of their client’s brand. Using their team of contractors, we can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for brands looking to offer a personalised approach to their customer experience.

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