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Follow Sevenist’s guide to boosting productivity and scrapping the snooze button. Useful morning routines can elevate mood and productivity for the entire day. 

 Scientists have proven that humans benefit from regular and predictable sleep patterns.  Sevenist is concerned that too many aren’t reaching their potential by adopting an ineffective morning routine they are in fact reducing alertness and increasing fatigue.  Always on the lookout for ways to accelerate success, MD of Sevenist Gus Daniels read an ebook ‘the miracle morning’ the book is designed to educate readers on exactly how to establish a positive sleep routine.

Sharing the best tips, Sevenist ran a workshop on improving sleep routines: 

Lay off the snooze button – Alarms shock the body into awareness, by hitting snooze allows the body to drive back to sleep for a short period.  Depending on the sleep cycle, this could mean re-entering the deep sleep phase and resulting in waking up more tired than before. 

Sevenist suggests setting the alarm for the latest time it is comfortable to get ready and rising to open the curtains releasing natural daylight causing the body to release the ‘wake-up’ hormone.

Set a Bedtime Alarm – Most smartphones now offer a bedtime alarm, counting backwards from the desired wake up time and incorporating sleep hours needed.  The signal allows people to wind down and complete any unfinished tasks before jumping into bed to maximise their sleep routine.

Sevenist is committed to achieving maximum productivity in the workplace. The firm is confident that establishing a solid morning routine can play a pivotal part in ensuring energy levels and morale are paramount.  Successful people often accredit their success to adopting healthy habits; Sevenist is confident developing a great morning routine is the best place to start.

Sevenist is an experienced sales and marketing firm in the capital. Working with some of the UK’s biggest brands they are drafted into work as an extension of each client’s brand.  Using their team of contractors, they can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for brands looking to offer a personalised approach to their customer experience.  

Sevenist can increase market share, improve profitability and develop a permanent customer base through their engaging face to face campaigns. With a vast range of industry expertise, they can assist brands in developing brand awareness and sharing company vision, and campaigns can be run nationally and locally depending on campaign objective and specification. 


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