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As a business owner who takes leadership very seriously, Sevenist CEO Gus Daniels has shared some of the reasons why he thinks mentoring the next generation of business owners is the key to pushing business growth.


It’s a poorly kept secret that experienced marketing firm Sevenist is an advocate for entrepreneurship. CEO Gus Daniels believes it is necessary to mentor young professionals, and is incredibly committed to the development of new entrepreneurs. His company, Sevenist, work exceptionally closely with their staff and contractors to mentor and teach them the foundations of sales and marketing, together with developing their leadership, management, and business development skills to a high level. Sevenist prepares entrepreneurs to have the necessary skills and experiences so they have the knowledge, confidence, and understanding to run a winning campaign within the industry.


Gus Daniels works with entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and uses a combination of mentoring, business development workshops, daily training and professional development networking to prepare them for business ownership. The CEO devotes an enormous amount of his time to helping the next generation and ensuring Sevenist is an attractive and inclusive place for young people to work and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Not only is this an investment in the future of entrepreneurship, but also helps boost business growth for the CEO’s company;


I devote much of my time to developing and educating the millennial generation of entrepreneurs because this generation will be our future leaders, business owners and employers. With fast-moving technological advancements, I believe that it is important to make sure core leadership and management skills are not lost or replaced by new technology. I integrate a combination of one to one mentoring and training workshops within our Business Development Programme to ensure I get the best out of my team and that they reach their full potential,” said Gus Daniels.


Gus Daniels attributes his personal growth and success to his passion for helping others reach their goals.  2018 has been a year where the CEO has focussed on mentoring up and coming businessmen and women to help them pave their path to success. His company, Sevenist offers a Business Development Programme to help motivated, passionate and hard-working entrepreneurs with the skills needed in small business ownership.


For those looking to join the next generation of small business owners, they should contact Gus Daniels through LinkedIn or email apply@sevenist.co.uk with an up to date CV.