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With many New Years resolutions surrounding advancement and progression, the firm is keen to emphasise urgency. 

In a bid to gather inspire others within the firm, Augustine Daniels puts urgency in the spotlight during a recent workshop, and shares how he introduces urgency into the workplace:  


Behave with urgency every day

Be urgent in all actions, emails sent, meetings and interactions.  Set clear time limits on activities, set five-minute alarms to symbolise the end of a session to encourage quick resolutions.  It’s essential to become a role model for everyone in the business, as people will replicate actions over time and make it the company culture.


Consistently communicate urgency

By learning about a team personally it can gain leverage towards identifying intrinsic motivators. Aligning those factors and business goals will forge a natural desire to move forward and win, now.


Create the action that is relentlessly aimed at winning

Sevenist believe that it is important to communicate daily with their contractors the reason why it is important to do certain things. For example, improving customer experience to beat the competition or breaking in-house records.  Personal passion from a leader is contagious, be sure to get ahead start by promoting urgency in the workplace.


Bring the outside in

Look for market trends, use collative data to anticipate targets.  Also, highlight when competitors win in the marketplace to challenge current goals and raise the benchmark of existing achievements.


Deal with the urgency-killers

People who attempt to delay urgency or offer a pessimistic response to situations should be removed to ensure momentum isn’t lost.


Sevenist will be expanding this year and opportunities for those who have a passion for advancement will be readily available.  With a company culture that embraces urgency, the firm looks to have a bright future.  There are industry events in the pipeline that will improve skills and highlight examples of excellence and success in the industry. 


Sevenist provides their clients with a flexible approach to marketing that can be tailored to match any brand or industry. The firm’s highly trained and professional contractors ensure that the consumer experience is of the highest quality and personalised to increase the business relationship between the brand and customer.