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London-based direct sales and marketing expert Sevenist firmly believes that a positive mind attracts positive results.

Outsourced direct sales and marketing company Sevenist’s believes that achieving and maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for success in any field. In fact, people who see the glass half full are positive thinkers. Their optimism lifts them up, compared to the world’s pessimists who would rather see the glass half empty and are sceptical and full of doubts in anything they do. “Thinking positively is of great advantage”, suggests Gus Daniels, Managing Director of Sevenists. “We believe that an optimistic mind-set creates positive energy and willpower, a zest for action to get things done. It builds confidence and strengthens relationships.” Gus Daniels continues: “As a result, we believe that individuals with a positive mind-set find it much easier to achieve their goals in life and are more likely to be successful than pessimists.”

Sevenist believes that people can learn how to trigger positive emotions. This idea dates back to research undertaken by Victorian philosopher William James in the turn of the 20th century. He wondered if it was possible to trigger a particular emotion by imitating it. James found that participants who were asked to force their faces into smiles felt happier than before. Sevenist believes that the outcome of this research can be applied to areas of the everyday life and that small changes in someone’s actions can have a very positive impact on their happiness, willpower and motivation. Always aiming to create a positive environment, Sevenists introduces their three favourite tips they have introduced to budding entrepreneurs.


Breaking old habits

Trying something new and exploring alternative options can make people feel that they are flexible in their approach. Sevenists suggests it helps them breaking bad old habits and implementing something new instead, which creates a sense of achievement, for example selecting a different dish from the menu than usually, choosing an alternative route to work or switching the daily TV session for a walk.


Moving on

People show their emotions in different ways. “In our everyday life there are situations when we get upset about someone else’s behaviour”, says Gus Daniels of Sevenist. He believes that it is crucial to resolve situations and then move on. “Take it easy, sometimes emotions are tight, especially in a demanding and busy environment. Get over it and do not let it affect you. Just move on”, recommends Gus Daniels.


Say ‘Cheese.’

In line with James’ research, people who say cheese are automatically forced into a smile. Sevenist has implemented the ‘Cheese Exercise’ in their daily morning meeting. “It gives us the positive energy we need to start the day, and it helps us to remain full of energy throughout the day. Sometimes we have to laugh by just thinking about the exercise”, says Gus Daniels.

Based in North London, Sevenist is an outsourced sales and marketing company working with some of the UK’s biggest brands. With years of experience, Sevenist is supporting budding entrepreneurs by providing them with the relevant skills and guidance to run their own successful business. Sevenist is working hard to create a high-achieving and motivating work environment, which they believe is vital to their success. In the coming months, the firm is planning to expand into further UK markets.