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Successful people can maximise all 1440 minutes of every day. Sevenist is now encouraging their contractors to do the same to be successful.

With online access being at almost everyone’s fingertips, Sevenist isn’t surprised that those who are focused on personal development are turning to podcasts as a way of accessing new information and expanding their horizons. Sevenist is often asked by budding entrepreneurs how they can enhance their learning opportunities. The firm is confident in podcast’s ability to inspire and educate and believe they are a go-to resource for entrepreneurs.

Here the firm share their favourite personal developmental podcasts to get entrepreneurs started:

  1. StartUp 

    By Gimlet Media – Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow share their entrepreneurial stories on how they began their journeys with Gimlet, exploring the obstacles and lessons they learned along the way. Touching on common stumbling blocks of a new entrepreneurs, they look into naming businesses, valuing and incorporating businesses partners.

  2. Mixergy

    Startup Stories By Andrew Warner – Interviewing world-renowned entrepreneurs and then editing them into educational videos, Warner can develop multiple how-to guides on becoming a business owner focussing on product development, sales, and customer acquisition.

  3. How to Start a Startup 

    By Sam Altman – 2014 saw Altman deliver a crash course on how to start a new business, the information has been dissected and filed into mini podcasts ready to educate budding entrepreneurs.

  4. Entrepreneur On Fire 

    By John Lee Dumas – Interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs daily, exposing stories about journeys and struggles, the site was developed to encourage entrepreneurs to push through adverse times to reach their ultimate goals.

  5. Powderkeg:

    Igniting Startups – Newcomer Powderkeg, is making an impact in the podcast world with a line-up of top-tier interviewees, offering an informative insight into success.

Sevenist is an experienced outsourcing solution that offers brands services to personalise their marketing strategies. The company works with some of the UK’s most popular brands, and utilising a team of contractors, Sevenist can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for a brand within any industry to offer a personalised approach to their customer buying experience.

The firm is keen to promote the impact podcasts can achieve when entrepreneurs are looking to find inspiration and develop new approaches to business.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/286614