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Meticulous CEO of Sevenist, Gus Daniels outlines the reasons behind the name of his brand and five important things to think about when naming a business.

Seasoned entrepreneur and businessman Gus Daniels wanted to incorporate the number seven into his new brand, to incorporate the importance of perfecting every task the company takes on into the firm’s culture. While the CEO is meticulous about his expectations for Sevenist, his expectations are not unrealistic. The CEO recognising the challenges of the sales industry, and because of this, the CEO asks merely his workforce to try their hardest and to perfect everything they start, to the best of their ability.

When previously reflecting on the brand concept, CEO Gus Daniels explained how the number seven not only signifies complete perfection but that his connection to it is also personal “It has a particularly sentimental meaning to me. I was born in the 7th month, as were a lot of the most influential people around me. I was promoted in the 7th month,” explained the CEO. “The number seven is globally recognised as a symbol of good luck and perfection, and that’s precisely the kind of spirit I want my company to have” continued the CEO

Gus Daniels urges owners not to overthink the name when deciding what to name their business.  The CEO outlines his advice as:

  1. Use a short, simple word easy to spell because they are easier to remember
  2. Don’t include place names because this will be a problem when looking to expand
  3. Don’t pick a name that gives negative first impression because this is often the first thing a customer sees
  4. Do select a curious and intriguing name that will stand out
  5. Try saying the name aloud and hear how it sounds to make sure it is easy to pronounce

Based in London, Sevenist is a creative sales and marketing firm working with some of the UK’s biggest brands.  The company is an outsourcing solution for brands looking to give their customers a personalised buying experience.

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