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Working with Sevenist will open a world of marketing potential. Providing brands across the UK an option of developing an outsourced solution designed to increase their market share and customer acquisition. Our team has the ability to combine a modern approach to customer experience with preexisting marketing strategies, with the unique ability to gather live market research and ensure each consumer is completely satisfied with their time with the brand. Sevenist services include:


Trade Marketing

Promotional Events

Risk Management

Customer Service

Market Research

Our process is quite simple, we begin our process by discussing your campaign objectives, analyse the projected budget and provide insight into the potential returns your brand can expect. Our flexible approach can be tailored to match any brand or industry.  Our professional team is effectively trained and coached to understand any brand and product thoroughly so they can better represent it. With our vast network of retail outlets will allow your brand to benefit from our reduced rates for desirable pop-up locations, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your campaign.